Speech Monitor

Free DAF/FAF software for people who stutter

Free Delayed and Frequency Altered Feedback Software

Some people who stutter (PWS) find that using DAF/FAF helps them to speak more fluently.  Their are several options for PWS to get DAF/FAF by means of software or portable hardware.  However, the both the software and hardware options come at a price.  Some of the software is relatively cheap, around $25.  However, the portable hardware devices are not cheap.  They can range anywhere from $1000 to $5000, depending on the size and technology.  This website is not here to promote or criticize the use of DAF/FAF by PWS or the means by which DAF/FAF is delivered.  This website is here to educate people about altered auditory feedback and to provide free software that creates both DAF/FAF and also allows you to record your speech while using the altered feedback. 

Anybody who is considering buying software or hardware for DAF/FAF is highly encouraged to download this software and try it out to see how your speech responds to DAF/FAF before you invest your money in what could be a very large purchase.  Speech pathologists are also encouraged to download the software to learn about DAF/FAF and to potentially present DAF/FAF as an option to your stuttering clients.

Click below to download the SpeechMonitor

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